Inverter Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioners in Bathinda

Inverter Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioners

INVERTER is an equipment that controls the electrical voltage, current and frequency of the compressor motor in an air conditioner. An INVERTER air conditioner changes the speed of the compressor by varying the frequency of the power supply to give superior cooling, ranging from high to low. When an INVERTER air conditioner is started, the compressor runs at high speed for quick cooling.

Inverter Multi O General

Inverter Multi

Most building loads are in the range of almost 40% to 80%. Therefore, most air conditioners do not operate at maximum load, but operate at low to medium loads. Especially, for multi system, operation performance at partial load is important because all the air conditioners do not always operate all the time.Fujitsu General has developed a high intermediate performance air conditioner corresponding not only to the rated performance at 100% load.

Extreme cooling machines for commercial space

Extreme Cooling Machines For Commercial Space

General the world-renowned premier airconditioning brand, now brings you a range of duct type Air Conditioners. Extreme cooling machines for commercial space that make a whole of business sense. General duct type Air Conditioners come with a host of other features like a Weekly Timer, Group Control System and Temperature Set Back Timer that help you enjoy hassle free comfort all year through.